What Uganda teaches us about “post-colonial Africa”

Africans in the homeland are far from free.

Yes, they are free from the yoke of European colonialism.

But, there is now oppression in the form of African politicians.

Lets look at Uganda. Museveni has been president since the mid-1980’s.

The African Union would have us believe that he legitimally won elections in 2021.

They would also have us believe that presidents for life and dictatorships are normal.

Africans will never accept presidents for life.

But this is a pattern in post-colonial Africa.

African leaders tolerate dictators in other states like they did with Robert Mugabe.

Political leaders would rather go to war against each other, serve their families and networks

than use taxpayers money for the poorest among us.

In South Africa we cannot even count how many billions members of the ANC

lead government siphoned from state-owned entities under the Zuma administration.

The current political and economic system is failing the youth of Africa.

It is only meant to enrich politicians, their families and friends.

Take a look around you.