African Union most silent on Uganda elections and Wine house arrest

Bobi Wine, his wife and niece under army guard

19 January 2021

Africa should be concerned.

Do a Google search and see if there is a word from the African Union on Bobi Wine’s house arrest in Uganda.

Is it time Africa starts asking itself what the purpose of the AU is?

How is the AU helping poor Africans and where can we access this evidence?

Throughout Africa there is evidence of opposition suppression.

In many nations, such as Zimbabwe, journalists live in fear. Some cannot even operate above ground.

All of this is not normal. But we do not hear from the AU.

They continue as if poverty, journalist silencing and opposition brutality is our future forever. 

The West and donors must not support political leaders and their networks who stifle African freedoms.

Identify and isolate them; but help the poor.

Dictatorship and presidents for life must never be the norm.