Team Protoje changes Rastafari image in “Switch It Up” video

During the 1970’s and 80’s, Rastafari music had a strict roots and cultural image.

Things are definitely changing in the current era.

In Protoje’s latest video, “Switch It Up“, Rastafari looking people – or people with dreadlocks – are seen sitting around a table toasting with red wine.

There is lots of alcohol in the video.

Two thoughts: This is a video that is telling a “fictional” story and we must remember this.

Also, the “actors” could be drinking juice.

But – what a long way the Rastafari community has come since the days of advocating the “Vow of a Nazirite”.

In Numbers 6:6 of The Old Testament, Nazarenes vow to not cut their dreadlocks and partake of the vine tree. This includes wines.

There was recently an uproar over Jesse Royal who appeared in an advertisement celebrating traditions that are not affiliated with Rastafari culture.

Protoje’s video should raise more questions about Rastafari culture and values in 2021 than Jesse’s video.

Proto’s video is located partially in a pub. His character is portrayed as a “Don“.

Jesse is seen sipping wine throughout the video. With that said, the video also captures him with a few spliffs.

Some of the questions people may ask about the video are:

Is the Rastafari community now accepting of the promotion of alcohol by some of its members in parts of the world?

Videos are powerful communication tools and the public is interested to know.