Marley members evict Nyabinghi Council from land in Jamaica

15 January 2021 – Eight Scott’s, Jamaica

The Nyabinghi Council of Jamaica is in shock after receiving an eviction notice to vacate property they occupied in Eight Scott’s, Jamaica for over thirty years.

Eviction Notice

The property was given to the Rastafari community in 1989 by Rita Marley. Its size was about ten acres.

It is Stephanie Marley, daughter of Rita Marley (together below), who is allegedly initiating this action. Stephanie was raised by Bob but is not his biological daughter.

Notice outside Nyabinghi grounds

The Nyabinghi Order is the oldest of all Rastafari branches.

When sanctified in Eight Scott’s, a grandchild of Emperor Haile Selassie of Ethiopia was present at the Tabernacle grounds.

Like the ancient Ethiopians and Israelites, the Tabernacle holds great spiritual significance for the Rastafari community.

Ras Daco suggested that the community would not give up the fight for The Tabernacle.

Legal proceedings are underway in Jamaican courts resisting the eviction.

The Nyabinghi Order has stated they will take this battle to the Highest Court if necessary.

For more information, watch the video and read this extensive article.

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