Lenkaneng community in Tembisa needs care by Simphiwe Skhosana

Tembisa is one of the largest townships in South Africa that created by the Apartheid government.
It is located in the City of Ekurhuleni. Ekurhuleni is in the Gauteng Province of the nation.

Ekurhuleni means “peace”. Unfortunately, Ekurhuleni communities cannot live in peace with the delay of public works projects.

The majority of our people in Ekurhuleni live in low income houses.

Some live on the outskirts of Tembisa. They survive from unemployment benefits paid by the state.
To alleviate their unemployment, public works must be implemented that involve those without jobs.

The very reason Public Works publishes “tender” projects is to fix the infrastructure and living environments of the people.

The tenders that the City of Ekurhuleni advertises depends on the needs of communities.

Needs include building schools, libraries, RDP houses, street expansion, clinics, parks and bridges.

But most of these mentioned infrastructures are invisible or take ages to be built.
One of the neighborhoods in Tembisa, Lekaneng, has been in a neglected state for many years. The bridge has been in a mediocre condition.

There is little change and the community is wondering what is the state doing to come up with a solution. Children are not safe. They can hurt themselves when playing near the water canal.

The surrounding pipes have been blocked for more than 8 years now. Our health is at risk.

Our local parks should represent calm. People visit parks to relax, to find their aura and peace of mind.

But our communities do not find that sensation because the parks are extremely dirty; you cannot take the children to play there.

This is proof that our municipality doesn’t pay attention to our needs as a community.
One of the planned modes of transport that was going to help the Tembisa community was the “Rea Vaya” system.

Today it is not fully functional.

Not having reliable transportation affects our community members.

This is a huge problem for people who rely on buses to get to school and work. The station for the Rea Vaya buses is not fully built. Only a few buses are working.

The public demands to know why such projects are being delayed.

The multi-purpose center has become a ghost town. It has been closed for a while and activities are not taking place anymore for art students.

There is no computer and study center, table tennis or health and fitness equipment.

People and youth do not engage in such productivity. The centre used to be a place of motivation. The structure is now neglected.

Pavements are half-built. People who fitness activities like jogging cannot exercise properly because they can bump into a small rock, trip and twist their foot.

Something should be done before any damage is caused any further.

I believe in our country.

But we need genuine leaders who will look after the needs of the community and ensure that tenders for social projects are completed so that our people can live in safety and peace.

Tenders that are given to community leaders should have projects completed in the stipulated time frames. At the end of the day, people who get affected by these results are the people of the community.

All images copyrighted by Simphiwe Skhosana and African Writers' Hub