How close is South Africa to dictatorship?

Dictatorship occurs when a political leader, the military and members of a political party conspire to subvert the constitution.

Dictatorship is the opposite of “democracy” and suppresses the basic rights of people.

Mobuto Sese Seko former dictator of “Zaire”

Recently South Africa has had ominous signs that resemble dictatorships in neighbouring African states.

We will focus on two examples.

The first example is former President Jacob Zuma.

Zuma is under investigation in the nation’s courts and the Zondo Commission of Inquiry for his alleged roles in “state capture” and corruption.

Former South African president Jacob Zuma

Zuma is on record for suggesting he should be a “dictator”.

He has also shown contempt for the Zondo Commission that is investigating the sale of South Africa to business people by politicians.

Of particular concern is Zuma supporters suggest he should not be arrested for showing contempt to the Constitutional Court.

Their argument is that Zuma is above the law, above poor Black and ordinary South Africans.

These individuals want South Africans to believe that Zuma, and, in turn, ANC politicians are superiour to the law and all other citizens.

Then there is the example of Jessica Duarte who all but threatened South Africa with “civil war” if the ANC is not voted into power.

Duarte suggested only the ANC can govern the nation and not supporting her and her party would lead to chaos.

This is a questionable assertion given that it is publicly known ANC members had interactions with the main actors of “state capture”.



South Africans must be alert.

There are other African nations whose people never thought they would end up under dictatorships.

They ended up being shocked.


The ruling party and the statements their leaders make need to be watched closely as we do not want a South African dictatorship.

Lets not be caught sleeping.