Difficult for South Africa to celebrate ANC legacy

The Freedom Charter of 1955

Annually the African National Congress (ANC) gives its “January 8” birthday statement. This year, 2021, was possibly the most difficult year for South Africans to celebrate along with the party’s elite members.

Corruption, nepotism and neglect of poor South Africans have become synonymous with the ANC’s post-Apartheid legacy.

Former President Jacob Zuma and his cabinet have been accused of “state capture“.

For over a year, the nation has heard testimony of how Zuma, members of his family and some of his cabinet allegedly sold the nation to the highest bidder; the Guptas.

Zuma, accused of over 700 fraud and corruption charges

Billions of Rands went to this network instead of building new universities, colleges, clinics and hospitals for poor South Africans.

The amounts siphoned from state entities is staggering. We also do not get a complete view of South African material providers who assisted the state capturers.

Over 100 billion Rands went to the ANC-centered state capture network.

While the DA, EFF and other parties have equally failed in alleviating the conditions of poor South Africans, most citizens are not celebrating with the ANC in numbers.

There is a view that the ANC has betrayed The Freedom Charter, poor Africans and is continuing a neo-Apartheid economy.

Not even Cyril Ramaphosa’s charm could veil the people’s eyes in 2021.