Armel Chulu interviews Kissbeatz, King D and C-tea

Music is known to have always had a beautiful story to tell regardless of the many outfits and the corners of the room of every gatherings of music lovers. Yet, the question remains, “who can better speak of the multiple facades that various artists that are already in the business, as they love to call it –the industry- as well as the upcoming artists that are yet to cross the bridge separating them from the true nakedness of the music”?

It is true that record labels and other groups are on the search for great talents, yet the conditions brought to the table are often sourer than the sweet dreams that are sold to the artists. Few are those that get discovered mostly because of two major reasons. The first one is related to the inner fear, lack of confidence, and seriousness in the work, while the second is the bridge and barriers that the music industry presents to artists.

A brilliant and amazing music producer from Ghana named C-tea, who has produced a number of artists there and overseas – shares with us his insights.

I have nothing against the record labels and all other groups, but I have never felt the need to be signed by anyone of them ever since I realized that I was a leader of my own”.

 C-tea advises that any upcoming artist should focus on believing in themselves. They should focus on having good content and continuously work hard and never stop building themselves.

Truth is that whoever is willing to sign an artist plans ahead of the expectations of those that never studied the game before joining the party. The record labels, music publishers and managers study all the corners of your head including your deepest needs.

In the realization of do’s and do not’s of record labels and music entities, a remarkable producer and artist from DRC, currently in South Africa named Kissbeatz shares his experiences and wisdom. He has produced local artists, as well as artists in the USA, UK and back in DRC. Kizzbeatz states:

 “It was time for me to stand up for myself, and wash away the need for approval and fly by my own wings. I started by believing in myself and realizing that I had something to offer the world too”.

As hard as it may be for some people out there to believe, if the world has to offer, and it needs you to build itself more, then you too have a lot that the world needs to offer from yourself.

This is regardless of your profession. 

It is said that people are different, so is music in it different genres. From Negro-spiritual songs, jazz, house music, rumba, Afro pop, classical music to gospel music.

All these artists faced challenges of their own. As reflected in the words of the artists’ shared in this araticle – all that stands between the artist and success is hard word and accessing opportunities that are definitely out there.

Another artist that granted us the privilege to be interviewed and who has an angelic voice is the gospel singer named King D. He shares with us three points to focus on as upcoming artists.

I have kept myself away from record labels since I gave myself time to study the game from a young age and invest in myself. And in three point I can summarize it this way, firstly have a good product, secondly have a good marketing strategy (radio, iTunes, Spotify) that can sell you out there together with the help of good people around you, and lastly keep knocking on the doors because you never know where the hand of the Lord will open the right door for you”. 

It is true that any artist that takes their work seriously, believes in themselves and remains focused on the goal can make it with or without the record labels. Should record labels come to you one day, do not hesitate to join if it is needed but remember that the game is tight since they want it that way for you to be willing to take anything they can offer. But in summary from what C-Tea, Kissbeatz and King D shared, it can be said that if your work is good, your reward will be good too.