Armel Chulu

Armel Amina Chulu, music composer, writer and chemical engineer

Armel started his musical journey from a very young age in a choir and started conducting at the age of 16.

He then started playing various musical instruments, including the soprano, recorder, the piano, followed by the violin, and finally, his instrument of predilection, the viola.

Armel has played in well renowned philharmonic orchestras in the course of his remarkable musical career. 

In his writing, Armel aims to express the deepest connections that exist between human behavior and peoples’ environments; the connection between the inner person and the outer character. This is what Armel does best: he translates human emotions into words and sound!  

Armel strongly believes people can reach their full potential and manifest their purpose despite external influences (education, culture, political and social media influence).

Armel was born in Lubumbashi in the Democratic Republic of Congo. He speaks Swahili and Lingala , French and English.

Armel’s posts:

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Listen to Armel’s violin playing here.