ANC’s Duarte gives mixed messages over SA as a constitutional state

11 January 2021

ANC Deputy Secretary General, Jessie Duarte, recently uttered contradictions that should be of concern to South Africans.

Duarte suggested that without the ANC in power there would be civil war.

This comment is alarming. It is as if through Duarte the ANC is threatening South Africans with instability if it is not supported with votes.

Such suggestions are normal in dictatorships.

Duarte changed her tune today. She reportedly stated the ANC is the custodian of our nation’s constitution and, in turn, justice.

Duarte was slammed by Makhosi Khoza.

Khoza believes Duarte’s statements are a threat to national harmony. Khoza claims it is the ANC’s looting as revealed in the Zondo Commission that has brought lawlessness to South Africa.

Our constitution and not political parties are the law of the land.

Indirect threats towards the people should be dismissed with contempt.