African Americans observe soft glove treatment of DC instigators

African Americans were not surprised at the soft treatment of law enforcement towards rioters in Washington D.C. two days ago.

Lives were lost and this is unfortunate.

Still, during #BlackLivesMatter protests Black people and those who support African Americans were often met with violence and brute force.

  • Contrast BLM vs Capitol insurgence arrests.

Law enforcement showed up prepared to “deal” with #BlackLivesMatter supporters.

But during the recent coup attempt against the United States government in Washington D.C., where the majority of participants were white, it appears as if the opposite occurred.

Instigator inside the Capitol Building

There was a stark difference in how the law dealt with Black and White people.

There are reports of officers opening blockades for pro-Trump rioters, posing in pictures with them and turning a blind eye when scores could have been arrested.

Action speaks louder than words and so does inaction.

The African American community observes.