Khoe and San vocabulary words

It is important to put together and reconstruct Khoe and San languages. Our people suffered linguicide after centuries of interactions with European settlers.

There is work to be done to reconstruct, reclaim and re-activate our indigenous languages.

Unfortunately, there was not only an assault on Khoe and San bodies and the land they lived in. There was a deliberate attempt to erase Khoe and San peoples’ epistemologies.

An “epistemology” is a way of “knowing” and developing knowledge. To erase Khoe and San epistemologies the Europeans deliberately prevented them from using their languages.

Language contains culture; culture contains language. The attempt was to remove the ancient Spirit of Khoe and San Ancestors from their social organisation.

Names of places and names that Khoe and San people inherited from their Ancestors were replaced with European geographical names.

If you visit this page you will access many Khoe and San words in different dialects. Share these words with your friends and family.

For example, “Khoe” means person. Our Ancestors taught us that Khoe Khoe means “People of Excellence”.

When you put the Khoe San words together then you re-create and re-construct the languages of Our Ancestors.

In so doing you keep their Spirits alive and decolonise your mind.