Decolonial theory

In universities there is a word called “decoloniality“.

Decolonial theory has different meanings for different individuals and communities.

Broadly speaking, decolonial theory is a philosophy. It is a system of ideas.

Decolonial theory is about ending colonial ideas and practices that oppress indigenous people in Africa and where ever Black and indigenous People are in the world.

Decoloniality is epistemic and ontological.

This means that decoloniality is about the ways Africans know (epistemology) and how African knowledge shapes the African reality (ontology).

Here are key decolonial and ontological concerns.

  1. Emancipation of the African mind from coloniality.
  2. Emancipation of the African continent from the neo-apartheid food economy.
  3. Application of indigenous cultural values in government.

This page is dedicated to sharing knowledge about decoloniality with grassroots people.

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Decolonial theory does not have much use if it remains in educational institutions. Knowledge must go to the Masses of the people on Earth.

Scholars and Family looking to access decolonial literature should explore some of these books.

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