Khoe San Culture and History

This page is dedicated to the history and culture of the Khoe and San people of southern Africa.

  1. For the DNA connection between the Khoe San, Ethiopians and Twa-related peoples, see here.
  2. Read about Khoe San language instruction here.
  3. To understand the legal status of Khoe and San languages visit here.
  4. For thoughts about the difference between “Khoe San” and “coloured” identities visit here.
  5. For the difference between hunter-gatherers and pastoralists – read here.
  6. For more differences between Khoe and San communal and colonial-capitalist culture – read here.
  7. For why Khoe San history does not start with apartheid – read here.
  8. For insights on Khoe San DNA and origins – read here.
  9. For Khoe San pre-colonial lifesteyle – read here.
  10. For “Origins of the derogatory name ‘coloured’ – read here.
  11. For Khoe San resistance to the Dutch – read here.
  12. To understand Khoe San arrival in southern Africa – read here.
  13. To access vocabulary words from Khoe San languages – read here.

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