Trinidad and Tobago warned about food shortages

17 January 2021

Constraints from Covid-19 on the economy and the virus’s effect on peoples’ health has alerted the government of Trinidad and Tobago to potential food shortages.

Like most economically developing nations, Covid-19 has hindered working class and poor people in maintaining their livelihoods under restrictive conditions.

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Markets are closed and traditional modes of trading that involve close human interactions have been curtailed.

Without trade and with workplaces closing, the potential for peoples’ hunger is real in Trinidad and Tobago.

Outdoor stall in Trinidad. Photo by MJ Haru

Kamla Persad-Bissessar (pictured below), opposition leader in the Trinidad and Tobago Government, warned her peers that if action is not taken, the islands could face a food crisis.

Persad-Bisserssar bemoaned the fact that some food prices in the islands had escalated by 35%.

To relieve financial pressures on ordinary people in Trinidad and Tobago, Persad-Bisserssar advocates the removal of taxes on vital food items.