Day 22: Black History Month – Stevie Wonder is returning to Africa

Multi Grammy award winner and artist Stevie Wonder is repatriating to Africa. The news has caused quite a stir in Afrocentric and media circles.

Why is Stevie’s decision significant?

Stevie Wonder is a member of the African Diaspora. African people were taken away as slaves by Europe for centuries.

They were sent to North America, South America and numerous other places throughout the Globe.

Stevie Wonder’s intention to return to Africa, Ghana specifically, reveals that Africa still rests deeply in the hearts of many African people in the Diaspora.

Stevie Wonder spoke to Oprah Winfrey about his intention to return to Africa.

He informed her that he wanted his children and grandchildren to experience a legacy that he did not believe was fully available to them in America.

Stevie also recorded a video himself where he stated:

“We cannot continue to be a divided United States. We must heal. And how do we heal? We treat the pain, the hurt, the wound, the illness. We have hurt and pain in this country. The pain of inequity is profound.

The reality is that Black and African people all over the world need each other.

The neo-colonial world is as united as it was when Africans were enslaved and the continent was colonised.

Africa must unite with the African Diaspora where ever We are in the globe.

Africa is also the meeting place; the central location for all future planning of the global African community.

Stevie Wonder is welcome in Africa!

How much sweeter Africa will sound 🙂

Remember also…the whole world is Africa.

Stevie can visit and return to the US anytime he chooses.