Education Kholisiwa Mathokaze  

Self-knowledge is Power

Self-knowledge is Power.

Defining and shaping African self-knowledge is the most important goal in 2021.

What does African identity mean in the 21st century?

This question is important because in previous centuries the right to self-identity in Africa was taken away from African people.

The African ontology was taken over by coloniality.

This means the African right to name land, to think according to the traditions of Our Ancestors and to feed ourselves was taken away.

African history is vital in building post-colonial and decolonial African identities.

If we do not have knowledge of how our Ancestors lived we cannot build a decolonial economy.

This is due to the fact that Our African Ancestors are the Creators of the first economies on Earth.

In addition, all philosophy, architecture, mathematics, medicine, language and art started in Africa.

As a People and Family we have under-valued the importance of Our history and indigenous knowledge.

While this is understandable due to coloniality and enslavement, there is no excuse for abandoning our ancient cultures.

We have to decide if we want pre-colonial or colonial identities.

They are not compatible ethically and morally.

Pre-colonial identities represent indigenous knowledge and freedom.

Pre-colonial identities and cultures present Africa with opportunities to re-activate food security by the people for the people.

Pre-colonial identities will also reduce the influence of business in government.

In turn, ancient values will guide how Africans steer states towards a unified African continent.