Day 15: Black History Month – Khoe San ancient DNA and languages

The Khoe San people have among the most ancient languages and DNA in the African continent.

There is no question Khoe San, also known as KhoiSan People, are among the first roots of Humanity.

The largest genomic study ever conducted among Khoe and San groups reveals that these groups from southern Africa are descendants of the earliest diversification event in the history of all humans – some 100 000 years ago, well before the ‘out-of-Africa’ migration of modern humans [source].

Khoe and San people represent clusters of Africans in the continent who chose to separate from complex societies as hunter-gatherers and pastoralists.

Our Khoe San Ancestors did not believe humans should “own” land.

Khoe San ontology is that when the Earth provides sufficient food and when animals migrate to new regions, humans should be satisfied and find new roaming environments.

The difference between pastoralists and hunter-gatherers is what distinguished the Khoe from the San.

The Sanqua people maintained the hunter-gatherer ways of life in southern Africa. The Khoe decided to maintain cattle and plant crops.

The Khoe San origins are not in the very southern tip of Africa.

We used to live as far North as where modern day Ethiopia is.

We are genetic and linguistic Family with the people of Ethiopia as indicated in the map to the right and above.

The Khoe San teach us that Xenophobia and Afrophobia are immoral and unethical and have no place in Africa.

The DNA of all African people are IN Khoe and San people.

The lesson for Africa from the Khoe San is UNITE and work together for the sake of the children and elderly.

Map source.