Day 11: Black History Month – Global Black Presence

Long before Europeans got on ships to explore the globe in the 1400’s, African people travelled to every single region of Earth.

From a decolonial perspective this fact is important.

This “history” was deliberately hidden from African people and nations of the Earth.

To enslave African people and to conquer the African continent, European journalists and politicians spread untruths about African identities.

These untruths are problematic on many levels and across time periods.

Africans are the first human beings and populated the whole globe when We left Africa; whether by foot, boat or on the backs of animals.

When Africans left the continent We went North into Europe and explored the Caucasus Mountains.

We travelled South into Asia and towards “India”.

We went all the way to the Far East where China, Japan and Korea are.

Maybe now you understand why many humans in East Asia are short and have slanted eyes like the Khoe and San people.

Take a look at these Black Buddhas also from Asia.

The first Asians were Black Africans. This is why their Gods are depicted as Black African people.


See…Black African people spread everywhere.

This is only to the East and does not consider our travels to the West.

Olmec statues reveal how long before Europeans escaped Europe, Africans had already travelled to “South America”.

For OurStory of the Black presence in southern America visit Dr Runoko’s Facebook page.

Dr Runoko with an Olmec statue

Returning to the relationship between decoloniality and the global Black African Presence…

It should be apparent to you that “western” and “European” civilisation is built on untruths about Black African history and identities.

European explorers, journalists (as today), business people and politicians had to spread untruths to justify the destruction of Black civilisations that existed for thousands of years.

In southern Africa most people do not know about the pre-colonial Black African Presence in the globe.

This is because the Voortrekkers, British and other settlers colluded in the same mission to conceal Africa’s glorious history to enslave the Khoe, San and other indigenous groups.

Two thousand years of history, could not be wiped so easily ~ Bob Marley