Day 10: Black History Month – Resurrecting Khoe San culture

During the immoral and unethical era of apartheid human beings were divided into “racial” groups by the regime of 1948.

There were supposedly four “racial” groups:

Africans, coloureds, Asians and Europeans.

In 2021 we know that “race” is a biological myth. All human beings share the same basic DNA structure.

Race is, however, a real social construct.

Race has had and continues to have visible effects in the lived experiences of Black African people.



In contemporary South Africa the social construct of “race” continues to divide the nation.

And while family, friends and invisible material providers of the governing ANC have become rich beyond description, the masses of poor people in South Africa are Black, people of colour and descendants of the indigenous populations of the land.


This article is about the people whom the apartheid regime labeled “coloured”.

The apartheid regime used the label “coloured” to deny the African-ness, freedom of movement and culture of the Khoe and San indigenous people.

Khoe and San and “coloured” identities are not compatible with each other.

The first embodies ancient cultural values and principles from the original Africans in the South of the continent.

The second was created by apartheid oppressors – officially in 1948 to destroy Khoe San identities.

This is why the two identities are incompatible.

It is an interesting time for the descendants of the Khoe and San now.

The renewed interest in the ancient cultures of the first people of southern Africa is at an all time high.

Consciousness among the descendants of the Khoe and San has increased their self-esteem, positive self-image and sense of belonging in Africa, the land of their Ancestors.



Unfortunately, there are right-wing and “coloured” individuals who resent losing influence in Khoe San communities.

As the indigenous people increasingly re-adopt Khoe and San identities, so-called “coloured” leaders and the right-wing lose influence.

This is positive.

coloured” identity failed to help the indigenous Khoe and San descendants get back into farming, land based activities on a significant scale and achieve economic independence from the neo-apartheid economy.

coloureds” and coloured identity have also failed to unite the descendants of the Khoe and San across the span of southern Africa who reject apartheid era identity politics.

Their plan is simply ineffective.

It’s time to get back to our roots.

We are the descendants of the Khoe and the San.