Day 9: Black History Month – ‘Black Identity’ and Self-Motivation

Black identity is the greatest asset the Global Black community has.

Black identity is what motivated Us for thousands of years when we lived together in Africa.

Through our identities we share cultural values and principles with each other.

Our identities guided us to care for the young and old together.

In the present Black people have more opportunities than ever to create new identities.

For example, activists and scholars are successfully sharing cultural history with our communities.

In ghettoes, villages, towns and cities across the globe there is a renewed pride in being Black and African.


This angers racist people immensely.

The greatest evidence of their anger, jealousy and resentment is manifest in how trolls are always found around Black discussions.

It has become a fad among non-Black South Africans to pretend to “be Black” especially on Facebook!

But this is not negative; this reveals to Black people that We are up to something GOOD.

Beyond fear of COVID-19, beyond troll propaganda – Black African identities are evolving.

Black people realise that once We embrace the fact that We are the originators of all scholarly disciplines, there is nothing that we cannot achieve in the present era.

Say it loud – “I’m Black and I’m Proud!”