‘A coloured Tapestry’ on Facebook possibly run by right-wingers in S. Africa

“A Coloured Tapestry” on Facebook is possibly a right wing run site.

Their intention appears to be to preserve Apartheid inequalities by enforcing the racist “coloured” label on Khoe and San people.

This naming strategy was previously used by colonialists during the 1600’s.

After forcing Khoe and San to become criminals just by roaming the land, the final assault against them was calling them a series of derogatory names.

There are many such names and coloured is one of them; this name was chosen by the Apartheid beneficiaries.

The managers of “A coloured Tapestry” on Facebook appear to be preserving the apartheid imposed construct for questionable reasons.





They clearly recognise the descendants of the Khoe and San are rejecting colonial identities.

There is an awakening in “Cape Town” and across the country among Khoe San like never before.

This angers Apartheid beneficiaries of all colours.

Now Apartheid beneficiaries [again of all sorts] are losing control and influence.

We say “all sorts” as there are South Africans of all ethnic backgrounds who resist coloniality of mind.

To call Khoe San ‘coloured’ is to maintain apartheid era identities.

To call you “Khoe San” is to acknowledge the immorality behind colonialism, genocide and apartheid.

We reject suggestions that Khoe and San Ancestors sacrificed their lives for us to be called “coloureds”.

We are the descendants of the Khoe and San. We are who we are and that is the way it is going to be.

Be ALERT…learn where you can…but please, be alert.