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Day 6: Black History Month – Celebrating Bob Marley’s birthday

Today is the birthday of the Honorable Robert Nesta Marley, more famously known as Bob Marley.

Bob Marley is the most prominent musical artist from the economically developing world.

Marley’s love for Africa, Black and poor people all over the world was reflected in his lyrics.

Marley was committed to challenging the colonial economic system that he called “the vampire” and a “falling empire” that deceives the people “continuously”. Listen below.

He sings, “We refuse to be what you wanted us to be“.

Bob called non-stop for Black Africans to unite, as in his song “Africa Unite“.

Each and every one of Marley’s songs, in one way or another, motivates Black African people to love their physical, cultural and spiritual selves.

Bob Marley taught Black African people to reject colonial identities imposed on them as servants, slaves and consumers of colonial businesses.

In the song “Work”, Marley sings “we JAH (God’s) people can make it work; come together and make it work”.

He pressed Black people to be independent, grow Our own food and not rely on those who oppressed and continue to exploit poor Black African people.

Marley was an advocate of Black African farmers.

Marley’s music resonates with all people across the globe because he was a peace-maker.

As Africa’s son, Bob Marley’s music “will live forever”.

Happy BornDay Bob…ONE Blessed Love Leader! Rastafari!