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Day 3: Black History Month – The Power of Philosophy

As stated yesterday in Day 2 – we now re-visit the “Power of Philosophy“.

In “Misty Morning” by Bob Marley, the lyrics read:

The power of philosophy floats through my head, light as a feather, heavy as lead.

Why did Bob Marley suggest that “philosophy” is powerful?

It is because philosophy is about IDEAS. The words “ideas” and “ideology” are related.

Dominant ideas, ideologies and philosophies shape the global economy, political and educational systems as well as how humans access and relate to the natural environment.

It is these same sets of philosophies that maintain poverty, inequality and social injustice in Africa.

This is why “philosophy is powerful”.

Dineo wrote in Day 2 that:

      • Epistemology is about the diverse ways people “know”
  • Ontology is about diverse ways of viewing “existence” or “reality”

Ask yourself:

Which epistemologies (ways of knowing) and ontologies (ways of existing) are dominant in our worlds today?

Do financially poor people have a choice in these matters?

Or, is it governments and wealthy cooperations that decide how the masses must live?

This is why the most important task at hand is to:

  • Make visible the voices of the people.
  • Make heard the voices of the people.
  • Raise the voices of the people.
  • Affirm the voices of the people.
  • Encourage the voices of the people.
  • Uplift the voices of the people.

Once the peoples’ voices are heard – the transformation we cry for will rush towards us like mighty waves.

The observer is the observed ~ K.