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Day 3: Black History Month – Establishing independent Black institutions

It has been nearly 30 years since Black people in South Africa legally ended dominance of the political Apartheid system.

With that said, Africans are still dependent on the neo-Apartheid economy to feed themselves and families.

The monopoly of most industries remains firmly in the hands of former oppressors.

During colonialism and Apartheid Africans did not have a choice but to give their labour and earnings to the Voortrekker economy.

Voortrekker settler-colonialists in southern Africa

Now Africans in South Africa have a choice.

Unfortunately, it is difficult to act upon this choice because the government has let people of Colour down since 1994.

Corruption and enrichment of friends and families is the government’s achievement for more than twenty years.

There appears to be no end to looting even under deadly Covid-19 conditions.

Consider what African Americans have achieved in the USA since being freed from slavery and then segregation in the late 1960s.

Throughout all 50 plus USA states, there are more than 43 Black owned banks.

Alamerica is one such entity where Black people are handling finances for themselves by themselves.

In South Africa, we do not have an effective bank owned by our people yet. There should be one in each province.

In fact, most top banks have their roots firmly in the colonial economy and Apartheid system with a few name changes.

Due to the majority of Black people and youth in South Africa being denied access to professional communities, Internet penetration for knowledge-access

and through there not being enough institutions of higher learning

it is hard to envision achieving the establishment of Black-owned banks.

But we will succeed as it has been done before by our Family in the USA.

To establish Black-owned banks Africans have to pool their finances and create collaboratives where people can save and work towards common goals.

The government is responsible for this but as stated, the ANC exists for a small handful of families who report to big businesses.

In our next post we will go into hotel, restaurants and IT ownership in the USA among the African Americans to continue accessing inspiration from Black people.

Our future in all industries is not a reliance on the neo-Apartheid economy.

We will separate from it and build industries of our own that value Black lives, children, mothers, fathers more than cheap sources of labour.

Never give up hope and the vision of freedom of the masses of Africans in South Africa…never giver up no matter what they do!