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Artist of the Day: Lito Mokgabudi by Phatuwani Mphaki

Meet Lito Mokgabudi a 21 year-old South African artist and Visual Arts graduate.

Lito is from Boksburg, Gauteng with special talent.

His artwork is based on experimentation and his love of art.

Lito is a creator, a designer and does logo branding.

Drawing from the heart and interpreting dreams, which Lito does, has never been easy for people; especially among the young generations across the world.

But to Lito, this has just been a walk ever since he was 11 years.

“I use my drawings to tell a story, by just looking at it , by just looking at my artwork I can narrate a story of countless pages”, Lito says.

Lito is one of the South African youth who believes that the sky is the limit. But he also believes in himself and hustles from every corner in South Africa.

His artwork is straight from the passion of his heart.

Making money from drawing seems an impossible task to Lito at times.

Still, he believes there’s always a way to break through even though the ratio is “1 out of 10 chances to become a successful business person in the art industry”.

He continues: “Currently I am selling my drawing door to door, networking and using social media platforms.

Now I am planning to create websites where I will sell my drawings online and reach those who are overseas”.

Online platforms are giving artists the chance to show up their talent and grow.

Social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn are useful to spread exposure.

Lito says, “I am willing to take pictures of my art and post them on social media platforms. I am also confident that I will be one of the best in the world”.

A pencil can tell a lifetime story and Lito’s will continue to do so.

Copyright of the art belongs to Lito Mokgabudi. Reach him at . Photography by Lito and Phatuwani Mphaki.