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Jamaica re-lives the movie Countryman, almost

Clarendon, Jamaica

Jamaicans experienced a real version of the 1980’s film Countryman with the recent crashing of a small plane.

The light aircraft went down near Rocky Point in Clarendon a day ago.

The plane was vacated

No people were discovered in the plane or around it.

Members of the local community reported seeing two to three Hispanic men flee the aircraft after it crashed.

Jamaican authorities discovered that the plane was de-registered in Mexico.

The plane’s occupants were not located at the time of the writing of this article.

Memories of the movie Countryman

The plane crash reminded Jamaicans of the Countryman movie from 1982.

In the film a small plane crashes with a young man and woman from the United States on board.

A Rastaman named Countryman (pictured below) cares for them and helps them to return to their parents

as the Jamaican government, who thinks they belong to the CIA, hunt them.

Enjoy Countryman below. It has a great plot with excellent roots Reggae music.