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“Youth advice for government leaders” by Simphiwe Skhosana

Our government leaders are the heads of this country. Their decision making has a massive impact on the youth – whether in a positive or negative way; it has a contributing factor towards the quality of youths’ lives.

The youth need to enforce putting pressure on the government specifically as related to their needs.

In that way government leaders will cease from being selfish and will consider sharing wealth with the youth.

Ensuring youth prosperity means that the youth are involved in the service delivery of their communities.

Such participation will result in youth economic independence and help them to establish a good work ethic.

Image by AWB photographer

South African youth are individuals. We come from diverse cultural backgrounds.

Therefore, the government needs to provide the financial stability and support the youth need because they are the caregivers of our country.

The government must increase support for needy students and fund their studies so that they are able to reach their career objectives.

This will ensure intellectually nourished future leaders for southern Africa.

Many youth engage in substance abuse. One of the main substances that has ruined the future of our youth is called Nyaope. It is breaking up homes, relationships and communities.

This drug has lead some youth to behave in a cruel manner. Its use is escalating.

Many youngsters who use nyaope have abandoned their families and the government is not doing enough to come up with solutions to this problem.

The ANC-lead government has not created enough rehab facilities to ensure that the youth get help to change their lifestyles and heal themselves.

South African youth must pressure the government to utilise their budgets wisely. Every year we get statistics from our Minister of Finance but we do not know where exactly the money is utilised,

The minister preaches figures every year but there is no revolution and change taking place in our country.

The money has to help low income families and ensure that the people are well fed.

South African Minister of Finance, Tito Mboweni (image from video).

We need government leaders who can truly lead the youth of the country; who will leave a remarkable space in our lives. W need leaders who will ensure that they lead by example in a way the youth can look up to them.

South Africa needs leaders who will bring transformation not only in their homes and families but also in the poor communities.

eRhini, South Africa. Image by AWB photographer. 

First mage by Simphiwe Skhosana