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“The needs of the youth in Africa” by Simphiwe Skhosana

Youth are prominent individuals who play a huge role in our communities, however, they have needs that have to be fulfilled or met in a positive way in order for them to grow into good citizens, members of the community as well as helpers for their families.

The youth require:

Attention, a sense of belonging, technological advancement and a sense of direction.

Photo by  Jordan Rowland

Opportunities must be given to them to explore their skills and break the curse of poverty in their communities and families.

Once these skills are cultivated in them, they are able to develop the economy of their communities.

The high level of crime will decrease. The youth will reduce reliance on drugs and alcohol.

The youth unemployment rate is extremely high in South Africa. 

To even think of employing themselves the youth need capital to showcase their talents.

Getting financial advice and help is crucial. But this support is rare in South Africa because of corruption, nepotism and favouritism happening in the employment sectors and government.

African youth need the right education to bring transformation to their countries.

With the right application of knowledge from schools or experts, the youth will positively impact their families. 

They will be admired by adults in their communities and will be trusted to lead for upcoming years. They can even become future presidents. 

Photo by Greg Rakozy

Many youth in Africa doubt their abilities because they are rarely empowered or involved in their governments’ decision making processes. This hinders them from getting involved in the service delivery of their communities.

African youth are stifled by governments in creating any change or transformation.

This situation designates and stigmatises South Africa as a “developing country’’ instead of a “developed country”.

South African youth add value to their communities and can make important contributions to them and Africa as a whole if listened to and given opportunities. 

Photo by Samuel Aboh

The government impacts the quality of the lives of the youth and the youth are entitled to voice their opinions.

Having young individuals make sensible decisions for the youth in government that provide them opportunities is necessary.

More youth in government will involve a more democratic and a representative country.

In this way, the needs of the youth can be cared for to bring about necessary change in our country.

First photo by Katie Moum .