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“Africa is an emotion” by Armel Chulu

Hello, my name Is Africa. Yes, I know you have heard of me. 

I am not a person, nor an object that western people can claim or envy, yet they did and still do. I know this is a harsh beginning for some. Maybe I should apologize for not apologizing in the first place. The truth is that there is nothing to apologize for. Yet I do warn the sensitive souls.

For years now, people have tried to divide what they see and think I am; steal from me from one corner to another. Turn my senses against each other. Install fear in every emotion a man could carry. But how does one emotion threaten another? Or get turned against another emotion?

Photo by Gabriel Crismariu

There are very few people who were forced to believe it to be possible.

Unfortunately, many are the ones who are fed up with the belief that it is possible.

The truth is…those are confused because they do not understand. I am the rhythm, I am the voice and I am equal to love, sorrow, joy and anger. Yet, I am not them.

All this started from different interests that non-Africans had of me; they came through to mistreat every single thought, the role of each muscle and the dreams of every organ. And when everybody thought it was over after they took what they wanted, they then moved to what my people are best at. From the peoples’ look and strength, minerals, land and today…music and more.

The question everyone is asking: What else do they need, what else will they take from this large continent while failing to understand its nature? Well it is simple; there is a difference in understanding.

Photo by Bermix Studio

What does it mean to be born from royal blood and to claim to be from a royal family simply because one was given a seat and ate at a royal table?

Here is my true definition to anyone who wishes to understand why they are still not tired of wanting more from Africa. 

“It’s only the mother’s child that understands the journey of their mother…not the neighbor’s child”.

I’m the only one who has no color. In today’s world one can feel all kinds of emotions. But I am the only emotion that belongs to those born from my land and not the others. It is unfortunate but true that the only thing they cannot take is the only thing they cannot feel. 

Me, Africa…I am the greatest emotion that only those that were born on this land can feel.

From dance, music, sound, rhythm, wealth and strength, they all are envious of me.

Photo by Cami Talpone

I unfortunately am not a virus. They can replicate and decide to inject themselves so they may have me completely. Even science cannot comprehend my origin. They will keep on wanting, wishing and coming but not even their future generations will ever be born of me within them, unless it is God’s permission on this land.

I am an emotion that belongs somewhere. I never leave because my people live in me and I live in them. 

My name is Africa; and I am the greatest emotion that there is.

Photo by Jackson David

First photo by Anaya Katlego