Africa Eye on poverty Hope Khoe San Staff Writer  

Going forward to our Khoe San roots

Knowledge of our ancient Khoi and San cultures can end negative features of gangsterism among the youth.

The youth join gangs because they need a sense of belonging and a value system they can identify with.

Right now society is failing the youth in providing these needs.

We must remember that gang violence in South Africa was supported by the colonial and Apartheid systems.

Along with attempting to destroy the Khoe and San cultures by calling our people “Coloureds”, gang formation was necessary for the oppressors to get communities to self-destruct away from the land.

Khoi and San people had access to land. Living close to land and nature was our heritage.

Now the youth and our people are removed from nature and land throughout South Africa.

As long as we hold onto the Apartheid identity of “Coloureds” then we risk continuing the landless and backyard culture forced on us.

The youth we call “gangs” will continue to rebel as we have not given them purpose, culture and a healthy living environment.

Giving back cultural knowledge to the youth from our Khoe and San Ancestors is a way to reduce violence, create pride and a sense of belonging.

Until we do this they will continue to find belonging in destruction.