Art Hope Staff Writer  

Musician of the Day: Eric Leeds

The Eric Leeds lean

The first saxophone player I can recall listening to as a youth was Eric Leeds. This is not because I did not hear saxophone before.

But if you ask me who the first sax player was that I listened to, and who I can remember and name, it’s Mr. Leeds; second would probably be Branford Marsalis.

I am not an expert musician but will argue Eric has a distinct sound of his own.

He has a way of running through scales…from high notes to deeeeeep bass notes and then back to the high notes again.

I think that’s it…for me at least; Eric will melody with deep notes just as much as the higher ones.

This is not a suggestion that Eric does not sustain notes in his melody-ing.

I also have distinct memories of Eric’s gangsta lean to the side while playing with Prince. Prince had many good saxophone players but Eric complemented Prince’s sound the best.

Eric Leeds is my favorite saxophone player of all time. He is skilled on flute also.

Listen to Eric.