Education Simphiwe Skhozana  

Identify real vs fake Afrocentric Facebook pages

During the colonial era and around the time of slavery’s beginning, the main objective of the colonizers was to first capture the minds of Africans.

Today, the effort to appropriate African culture and knowledge continues. It continues because Africa’s cultural history is rich.

There are reasons Europeans attempted to hide our history from us for hundreds of years during the colonial era.

Today, it is necessary to be aware of our sources of knowledge and information on Facebook.

There are online trolls who are not African and aim to corrupt our knowledge and post-colonial identities.

These are troll features if you are unsure you are following a Real African Facebook page.

1. The Admin has one or two pics but you cannot confirm their African or Black identity.

2. There are many other trolls behaving in non-African ways. Their accounts show few real friends.

3. You notice racist comments are permitted and are plenty.

4. African women are over-sexualised in images or posts or comments.

5. Other real African people, like yourself, are mocked or made to feel as if your concerns and objections are unwelcome.

These are some of the signs you are a member of a non-African or fake Afrocentric site.