African Diaspora Decoloniality Education Hope Staff Writer  

African 7 point plan

African people have survived more than 400 years of colonialism and in some regions, the enslavement of our people as well. Our greatest struggle has been and continues to be a reclamation of our humanity.

There are seven points we wish to make for an “African freedom plan”.

  1. African people must no longer quarrel with those who benefit from our oppression.
  2. Our inner-value of ourselves as individuals and communities must start with the heart and soul.
  3. African people at home and the Diaspora cannot be 100% free as divided regions. Neither can African ‘states’ work in isolation anymore. There must be global unity with Africa as the Homebase.
  4. More than ever there are economic opportunities to end Africa’s reliance/dependence on the western economic system.
  5. To free all African people and attain economic independence we must increase trade between African nations and the African Diaspora.
  6. Any plan that excludes the poorest among us will fail.
  7. Cultural interactions around knowledge and art must be at the center of all global African interactions.

Africa must unite!