Decoloniality Education Oscar Eybers  

What is ‘decoloniality’?

  • Decoloniality is a reverse of the dehumanising effects of colonialism that aimed to make cheap labour of indigenous people.

  • Decoloniality is an emancipation of the mind that steers African and indigenous people towards reclaiming their human rights and a re-determination of their own destinies.

  • Decoloniality asserts that in every aspect of life African and indigenous people deserve everything that coloniality denied them because of their skin colour and cultures.

It is important for Africans to access information about decoloniality online. 

For more information on decolonial reasoning visit these links.

It is important that Africans who do not have access to knowledge about decoloniality in universities get decolonial information independently.

This is because the masses of African people are marginalised by colonialial relationships in academic discussions about how decoloniality impacts their every day lives.

For this reason, every day people access knowledge about decoloniality through music, social media and their own research

This page will be updated to share links that help increase our understanding of decoloniality in our every day lives.

Defining decoloniality

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