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Traditional healers are consulted for Covid-19

People in southern Africa continue to consult traditional healers for ailments. These consultations include issues related to Covid-19.

Covid-19 attacks the respiratory system and causes severe viral symptoms such as fever and blood clots.

Many South Africans, especially those without access to clinics and medical aid, use wild garlic, ‘house’ garlic and eucalyptus leaves to alleviate chest tightness and shortness of breath.

For a medical report on the benefits of garlic for tightness of chest and asthma, see here.

One of the many herbs South Africans use to ease fever, body cramps and nasal congestion is Boegoe. This herb was used by the Khoe and San people for centuries during the pre-colonial era.

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The Khoi and San people valued boegoe for inflammation, stomach problems and fungal issues. Access a scientific report on boegoe’s effectiveness here.