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Africa’s indigenous knowledge systems

Africa has her own ancient knowledge systems. In philosophy the study of knowledge production is called “epistemology“. Africa has her own indigenous epistemologies.

Photo by Thais Cordeiro on Unsplash

This does not mean that Africa did not interact with other nations throughout history. All humans left Africa and when some returned – Africans interacted with them, our descendants.

The following image is significant because it challenges the notion that in the ancient world – Africa and the “Middle East” were distinct. They were not.

Rather, ancient Kingdoms of Arabia and then Asia were extensions of African civilisations.

The map also reveals how, whether out of or back into Africa, there was constant cultural, linguistic and commercial exchanges between Africa and the globe.

It is amazing how modern educational systems withhold such knowledge from curricula; especially since Africa needs to interact with the globe more than ever.

Image accessed from Brother Enoch Hankerson on Facebook