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Who were the ancient Elamites?

Today an interesting discussion emerged around the ancient written scripts of the Elamites. The Elamites lived around present day “Iran” and bordered the Persian Gulf.

A researcher, Francois Desset, claims to have decoded one of their ancient written scripts. His work is commendable.

However, his son and other supporters became upset in online discussions when the claim was advanced that Africa originated written systems.

The ancient Elamites were Black people. We must not forget this.

Some readers at the Suppressed Histories Archives Facebook page may also have been disturbed at the suggestion that geographic designators such as “Iran” and “the Middle East” are colonial constructs.

They are. As colonial geographical constructs they fail to comprehensively capture the rich sociocultural and linguistic characteristics of the ancient Elamites.

For example, the people who made up the Elamite nation included Anshanites, Marhashians, Shimashkians, Zabshalians, Sherihumians and Awanites.

Ethiopia and ancient Elamites had close cultural interactions with each other.

African Views and News adopts the stance that Ethiopia’s Abugida written system, along with scripts from ancient Kemet and other surrounding nations, are the morphological (structure) and semantic (meaning) pre-cursors to languages of the Babylonians, Sumerians and the Elamites.

This discussion requires a post of its own.

For now, it is necessary to acknowledge that the ancient Elamites were part of Black culture that encompassed the entire region that modern geographers came to label the Middle East.

Archaeologically, Ethiopia’s influence is evident across the Red Sea and was for centuries. Ethiopian languages and cultures followed where ever Ethiopian influence spread.

This does not exclude Elamite appropriation of Ethiopian cultural and linguistic influences, and, the reverse.