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Africans originated and developed writing systems

It is amazing that we have not put this issue to rest yet.

Africans developed the first “writing” systems and alphabets. The myth that writing originated outside of Africa persists among some scholars in 2020.

For some of the earliest African writing systems, see here. These are not all; there are more.

Humanity, how can it be that Africans are genetically, linguistically and archaeologically proven to be the roots and origins of people…but not writing?

Even if we move slightly outside of the continent…remember, there was no “Middle East” according to colonial understanding…dark skinned people who populated Africa populated those regions.

Scholars who want to prove the origins of writing are outside of Africa should consider this source as a starting point before forwarding their stance.

It is warrantable that the Abugida system as originated in Ethiopia informed all systems including those of ancient Kemet and Mesopotamia as well as writing in India.

Abugida system