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Early teachings of Christ in Africa

Africa’s history of following the teachings of the man known as The Christ is ancient. It extends as far back as the birth of what is today known as the Judeo-Christian tradition. Africa was also violently introduced to a European version of Christianity.


When Europeans decided to colonise and enslave Africans, one of their key justifications was that Africans were uncivilised savages. Europeans convinced themselves that Africans needed to be ‘saved’ by the western interpretation of Christ’s teachings.

But consider this…

Abraham, the Father of ancient Israel, was instructed by his God to leave his homeland and sojourn in ancient Kemet (Egypt). The ancient Israelites lived in Kemet for roughly 430 years.

Kemet is in Africa and 430 years is a very long time for a ‘nation’ to live among “other” people.

Remember that Israel’s faith was still very young when they arrived in Kemet. After hundreds of years among the people of Kemet, there is no doubt the ancient Israelites adopted philosophies from this region into their own culture.

Moses, having worked under Kemet’s rulers, was in direct contact with their teachers.

Consider that the English King James version of The Bible was published in 1666. On the other hand, Ethiopians have possibly the oldest version of The Bible (see below). This text was written in Ge’ez and precedes the King James text by 800 years. What this indicates is that the notion of Europeans “introducing” Christianity to Africans is a myth.

Not only do Ethiopians have such an old Bible, they/we are mentioned in The Bible numerous times. Remember, all of Africa used to be called “Ethiopia”. Here are numerous Bible verses about Ethiopia.

There is much more to be said about the African presence in The Bible. We will go deeper into this in the future. It is very important that Africans explore this history through their African eyes.

It is a fact that African people taught the ancient Israelites who lived among us for hundreds of years. Africans also have the oldest texts reflecting this tradition that now spans most of the globe. These texts include the teachings of The Christ.

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