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Why is reasoning important?

If we observe human relationships throughout the globe, there are very few locations where conflict is not occurring. Humans have resorted to violence as a way of dealing with cultural and economic differences.

Consider police brutality in the USA, inter-African warfare like Boko Haram who are terrorising Nigerians and tensions between North and South Korea.

In each of these examples violence replaces reason in how differences are approached. The ultimate price is war, division and loss of life.

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War, conflict and quarreling are different from reasoning. Reasoning is an honest quest for solutions.

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Reasoning is “the […] granting of assumptions called premises (starting points) and the process of moving toward conclusions (end points) from these assumptions” (Walton 1990).

To simplify, reasoning requires people to first agree on principles that form a discussion or disagreement before they proceed to developing conclusions together.

Reasoning differs from violent protests and political war.

Still, we have to understand that when people reach a point of feeling rejected while suffering they may become physical in their responses.

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