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African DNA migration out of Africa

We recently had discussions with fellow thinkers about Africa’s presence throughout the globe. For example, in southern “America” there are ancient structures and statues (see below) that resemble African pyramids or African physical features. Researchers are encouraged to read this book by Ivan van Sertima.

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For now, from a DNA perspective we can claim that African people spread throughout the globe. Each and every human being has a unique DNA pattern that mirrors our parents and Ancestors. The map that follows illustrates African DNA pathways out of the continent.

It clarifies questions about how artefacts that resemble African culture came to be spread so widely throughout the globe and far away from Africa.

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It is important to recognise that in Africa, the KhoeKhoen, Ethiopian and Twa people who occupy smaller pockets of the continent equally evidence the oldest DNA haplotypes (DNA patterns) in the continent.

In other words, the DNA configurations of all humanity may be mapped in the haplotypes of the KhoeKhoe, the Ethiopians and the Twa people. KhoeKhoen people are the roots of all humanity.

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