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Khoi San (AbaTwa) language relatedness with Nguni and southern African languages

The table below forms part of text in an article I am currently finishing that is entitled, “Epistemic presence of AbaTwa-Khoisan phonetics and semantics in Nguni and southern African ontologies“.

Let me briefly explain the title.

Epistemology is the study of “knowledge” and how people come to “know”. Ontology is the study of “reality” or what people believe about “existence“. That is why the words “epistemic” and “ontology” are used in the title.

Phonetics and semantics are the study of the sounds and meanings of words. So – in this article, I highlight and explain how some Nguni, Setswana and Southern Sotho words are similar in sound and meaning while being rooted in the original Koi / San / AbaTwa words.

I go deeper. I reveal how Khoi and San words shaped some ways that Nguni, Setswana and Southern Sotho speakers think about or approach knowledge about “existing” on Earth.

Nguni languages include, but are not restricted to, isiXhosa and isiZulu. Setswana and the Sotho languages are related and intelligible to speakers of those tongues.